Hello! If you're here, it's because you know that Google Ads are a powerful tool for your business. But do you know how to get the most out of Google Ad Extensions? Today, I'll take you by the hand to discover everything you need to know about these extensions and how they can transform your advertising campaigns.

What are Google Ads Extensions?

Google ad extensions are additional elements you can add to your ads to provide more information and attract the attention of your potential customers. These elements can range from contact details to images and promotions, and are key to improving the performance of your ads.

How Can They Improve Your Ad Performance?

Imagine that your ad not only shows your product, but also your phone number, your address and a direct link to a special promotion. Ad extensions not only improve the visibility of your ads, but also increase click-through rate and ROI.
Google claims that ads with extensions can see a 20% increase in click-through rate. That's a considerable boost!

Factors That Affect Your Ad Extensions

Not all extensions will always be shown. The position of your ad, its relevance and its quality are key factors for Google to decide to show your extensions. Make sure you maintain a high quality score and competitive offers.

Manual Extensions vs. Automatic Extensions

Manual Extensions

Manual extensions are those that you configure yourself. You have complete control over them. Here some examples:
  • Site Links: Guide users to specific pages on your site.
  • Call Extensions: Allows users to call you directly from the ad.
  • Structured Fragments: Show highlights of your business.

Automatic Extensions

Automatic extensions are added automatically by Google to improve the performance of your ads. They include:
  • Seller Ratings: Show your customer reviews.
  • Dynamic Site Links: Google selects the most relevant links on your site.

How to Measure the Performance of Ad Extensions

To know if your extensions are working, here are some key indicators:
  • Click Rate (CTR): How many clicks do your extensions get?
  • Conversion rate: How many clicks convert into sales?
  • Middle Position: Where are your ads placed in search results?
  • Return on Investment (ROI): Are you obtaining good financial results?

12 Google Ads Extensions to Use in Your Ads

1. Location Extensions

Ideal for businesses with physical stores. Show your address and a call button.

2. Affiliated Location Extensions

Perfect for retailers who sell in chains. Show nearby stores that carry your products.

3. Call Extensions

Add your phone number and make it easy for users to call you directly.

4. Sitelink Extensions

Guide users to specific sections of your website.

5. Structured Fragment Extensions

Highlight unique features of your business.

6. Price Extensions

Show the prices of your products or services directly in the ad.

7. Promotion Extensions

Highlight special offers and promotions.

8. Application Extensions

Make it easy to download your app directly from the ad.

9. Image Extensions

Add attractive images to your ads.

10. Lead Capture Form Extensions

Allow users to fill out forms directly in your ad.

Google Ads Extensions are a powerful tool that you cannot ignore. By using them properly, you can significantly improve the visibility and performance of your ads. I recommend experimenting with different types of extensions and tracking their performance to find the perfect combination for your business.

Now that you have all this information, are you ready to take your ads to the next level with Google Extensions? Get to work and transform the performance of your campaigns! If you need more help or want to optimize your ads further, don't hesitate to contact us. We are here to help you achieve success!
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