Teleworking: 4 tips to improve your experience

El teleworking It is no longer something unattainable for most companies. Now, this practice is a reality that has come to stay. That is why it is important to know how to implement teleworking strategies and how to organize remotely to achieve objectives, or even surpass them. Before the arrival of COVID-19, remote work teams already existed, we were already one of them. But the truth is that they generated skepticism in several sectors. However, with the arrival of the pandemic, many companies have been forced to opt for teleworking. And the truth is that many are being surprised. positive performance results at all levels. Conciliation, increased productivity and performance and economic savings, are some of the most important benefits of teleworking, both for workers and companies. Thus, Teleworking is revolutionizing the way we work. We have opted for teleworking and the work of hybrid and asynchronous teams for a long time. Therefore, given our experience over these years and the positive results we have obtained, we would like to share 4 tips that can improve the well-being and results of your team so that you can get all its benefits from teleworking, just as we do.

Promote virtual meetings to build teams

Remote work involves a different social dynamic. You don't see your colleagues every day; There are even days that you don't know about them. But if the teleworking strategy is well structured, it is possible to feel close even if they are thousands of kilometers away. That's why we think it's good to see each other from time to time.. At ADMK we organize annual Team Building getaways, quarterly team meetings, and even 'Weekly virtual coffees'. Although there are times when we don't see each other, for us these meetings make us feel like what we are: a performance marketing team.

Remote work strategy

Logically, apart from having a defined business strategy, it is important to align it with the entire team and its members from a distance. Coordination is essential. And to achieve it, it is important to establish a series of basic rules. For example, at Immoral, we place great importance on documenting every step taken so that no one is left out.  Additionally, as a team, we implemented the BICEPS Theory (Belonging, Improvement / progress, Choice, Equality, fairness, Predictability, Significance). At Immoral we all want to build something specific, so we row together towards the same horizon, wherever we are.

Adaptability to time zones

Availability hours are important. Therefore, it is essential learn to work with time differences. Furthermore, the preliminary draft of the new teleworking law establishes that the worker can benefit from the right to flexible hours agreed with the company. That is why coordination between teams is very important. Furthermore, with this new work dynamic, coordination with companies from countries that have another time zone will also continue to be important.

Take advantage of these essential tools for remote work

Let's be real, yesIn new technologies, teleworking would only be a utopia. In our performance team we use several digital tools to move forward together and achieve our objectives. These are the main ones.


Despite physical distance, eye contact is still very important when working remotely. non-verbal language and being able to humanize our interlocutor It will continue to be fundamental in this new work reality to be able to continue forging ties. To do this, at Immoral we use Zoom o Google Meet.

Document creation and collaboration

Being able to have common work just one click away is extremely important to make the team workflow more dynamic. We share our common material through G Suite.

Projects, tasks and notes

Since there is no common space, the server on which important files were dumped disappears. In exchange, there are digital tools to store projects or notes. In Immoral, for this, we use click-up although you can also use Trello and similar systems that make it easier for you to organize projects with agile systems.


In this new reality, communication channels of any type are very important. For short conversations we prefer to use Slack. After trying several, it is the one that is most useful to us as we can follow message threads, mark them with thumbtacks and even include tasks in Asana or video conferences in Zoom from the same chat in a very simple way.


The good thing about the high technological development we are witnessing today is that there are as many digital tools as there are teleworking needs. We, for example, use LastPass to remember passwords, Loom to record video calls and online training, and Calendly to set and have all meetings visible. Remote work is a reality. And in immoral We think that the companies that adapt to change the sooner, the more competitive advantage they will have in the future.

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