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7 keys to improve your landing pages

Landing pages are the foundation of your marketing campaigns. It's not just a place where your prospects land; It is the space where you decide if you are going to stay looking at the horizon or if you are going to take the leap to increase your conversions.

So what makes the difference between a mediocre landing page and a landing page that converts like crazy? Well, a lot of things.

We bring you the 23 most popular landing page trends. These are the trends that are working and making us money.

1. Focus on the goal

Do you have a clear objective or are you trying to sell a little of everything? As time progresses, the most successful landing pages focus on a single conversion goal. The more distractions, the fewer conversions. If you're trying to sell a product, focus on that. No demos, no “learn more,” or anything like “subscribe to our newsletter.” Less is more.

2. Comparison with competitors

Companies are taking advantage of curiosity about comparisons. Visitors search for terms like “Brand A vs. Brand B,” and the landing pages are grabbing them right there. For example, Asana has a page that compares them to Trello, and Monday does the same with Asana. The question is: are you ready for a direct confrontation?

4. Direct and results-oriented writing

We are no longer here to waste time with cheap poetry. The writing of your landing page should be like a direct blow to the heart: bluntly. Here we give you the most effective trends to achieve it:
  • Command holders: Forget about being lazy. Say what you want your visitors to do. “Register your product!” or “Download our guide!” There is no time for subtleties.
  • Conversational content: People don't have time to read an essay. Speak as if you were talking to a friend.
  • “How it works” sections: People want to know what they have to do. Give clear steps and don't complicate it.
  • Solid benefits: Don't tell them all the features. Tell them why your product will change their lives.

4. Design that converts
Design is not just to look pretty. It is to convert. Here are the design trends that are moving the needle:
  • No navigation or footers: Distractions kill conversions. You want a clear path to the goal. If you have a link that doesn't help convert, delete it.
  • Custom Artwork: Give your page a touch of personality. No stock images that look like they came from an office catalog. Make your page feel unique.
  • Short product videos: People don't have time for long videos. A short and to the point video can increase conversions by 80%.
  • Minimalist design: Less is more. Make every word, image and button count. Don't be distracted by unnecessary elements.

5. Social proof
Nobody wants to be the first at something. Social proof is crucial to giving trust to your prospects. Here are the trends you should use to take advantage of the social proof effect:
  • Testimonial cards: Authentic testimonials, not fabricated reviews. Real stories from real people who have used your product.
  • User statistics: Show figures that tell a story. How many users do you have? How much have your clients saved?
  • Third Party Ratings: If you have good ratings on sites like TrustPilot or G2, show them. Logos and stars matter.

6. CTAs that sell
If your CTA is weak, your conversions will be too. Here are the trends that are driving stocks in 2023:
  • Profit-oriented copy: No “click here” or “send”. Your CTA should shout out the benefit your visitors will receive.
  • Contrast on buttons: Buttons should stand out. The contrast with the background is key to attract attention.
  • Click triggers: They are small phrases that reduce anxiety and motivate your visitors to click. “No credit card required” or “Cancel anytime” are good examples.

7. Forms that convert Forms are the last barrier between your landing page and conversion. Here are the most effective trends to increase conversions:
  • Multi-step forms: Instead of one long form, break the questions into smaller steps. Start with simple questions and end with more intimidating ones (like email or phone).
  • Google One Tap: Allow your visitors to sign in with Google without having to fill out a long form. It makes the conversion faster and easier.

These are the trends that are working now. But don't settle for just following trends. Experiment, test and optimize. Because at the end of the day, the best landing page design is the one that converts. And that is what counts.
Let's optimize!
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