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Strategies to Sell More on Black Friday: Boost your Business Smartly

The calendar tells us that one of the most anticipated moments, Black Friday, is quickly approaching. Beyond simple transactions, this event becomes a golden opportunity to strengthen ties with those who choose to trust our brand. Below, we reveal some strategies that, with innovation and ethics, will help you stand out.


Attractive and Exclusive Discounts: Anticipation is essential. Carefully select the products or services you will offer at special prices and make sure they shine in value to those who follow you.


Unique Offers for Your Audience: Consider offers that only your followers on networks or subscribers can enjoy, rewarding their commitment and building a circle of exclusivity.


Expectation and Variety: Keep the spark lit throughout the week with diverse offers. Friday is the finishing touch, but the sense of urgency must be present in each day that precedes it.


Storytelling: Stories connect us. Reveal the story behind what you offer, from testimonials to the love imprinted in the creation process. This way, you not only sell, you also build relationships.



Unique Shopping Experience: Elevate your brand by offering an unforgettable experience. Think about how to delight your customers in every detail, from the packaging to the last click on your website.


Segmented Email Marketing: Personalization is key. Design emails that speak directly to each segment of your audience, echoing their interests and needs.



Cross selling: Consolidate the value of your proposition by offering discounted product packages.


Our Tip:

There are always secrets behind the scenes and at Immoral, we are transparent about them. Here are some tactics:
  • Flash Sale in October: A flash sale in October not only anticipates the excitement, but also captures leads and traffic that will later allow you to refine your strategy with remarketing.
  • Detect Patterns: Pay attention to sales trends during September and October. These will be your aces up your sleeve when designing creatives for Black Friday.
  • Diversity in Creativities: Beyond the top sellers, it presents product combinations. This can boost CTR and optimize CPM on platforms.
  • Continuous Capture: November is not just a prelude, it is a month to attract and educate new interested parties. The further along the funnel they are come Black Friday, the more willing they will be to commit.
Finally, once the whirlwind of Black Friday has passed, remember to keep the dialogue going, thank you, and listen. At Immoral we believe that every interaction is an opportunity for joint growth. The stage is yours, let's shine!
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