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Branding vs Performance: a non-existent dichotomy



Branding vs Performance: Complementarity in the world of marketing

In the competitive world of marketing, there seems to be a struggle between two approaches: brand marketing and performance marketing. While the first focuses on working on the brand image, the second seeks quantifiable results. However, Are they really competing concepts?

A change of perspective in marketing

The apparent rivalry between both approaches is due to the evolution of the strategies and their operation. In the past, traditional models were criticized for lacking metrics to analyze results. Today, performance marketing has demonstrated its ability to illuminate the challenges faced by brands and take corrective measures.

On the other hand, brand marketing focuses on qualitative factors, such as customer experience, transmitted values ​​and loyalty. However, it imposes limitations regarding measurement.

Can we talk about a dichotomy?

Although the struggle to demonstrate the relevance of each approach is common, in reality, both concepts are complementary. Why does a consumer choose a particular brand? In addition to price and familiarity, factors such as identification with the brand's values ​​and trust are crucial, and that is brand marketing.

But we must also ask ourselves how the consumer came to know that brand in the first place, and this is where performance marketing comes into play, uniting the brand with its audience and allowing interaction.

Brand marketing as a sales engine

Imagine a world without advertising or conversion and sales strategies. Brands would continue to sell their products due to the organic trust they have generated in consumers. However, performance marketing campaigns increase that impact and generate more conversions and specific sales.

Performance marketing influences brand perception

Performance marketing can be the first interaction between a consumer and a brand, and also acts as a form of ongoing contact. All of these interactions, regardless of whether they are organic or ad-driven, are attributed to the brand.

How to unify brand marketing and performance marketing

Although they are two branches of marketing, both are oriented towards a common objective: attract new customers, retain current ones and increase sales and profits.

From brand marketing, it must be understood that brand construction goes hand in hand with value creation. On the other hand, performance marketing should focus on metrics that really provide valuable information for the growth of the brand.

In summary, there is no dichotomy between both approaches, but rather a complementarity to achieve a common goal: allow a brand to grow and achieve its business objectives.

At Immoral, we understand the importance of combining both visions to achieve these goals. If you want to boost your brand and see it grow,contact us and we will develop the right strategy for you!

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