Success stories


Amlul, founded by renowned influencer Gala González in 2019, is not just a fashion brand; it's a compromise. Amlul has positioned itself as a leader in responsible fashion, ethical production and timeless design. Their goal is clear: transform the world of fashion with conscience and elegance.
The challenge

The challenge was twofold: increase sales and online visibility while projecting the brand's sustainable values, and expand the reach globally, bringing the responsible fashion message to different corners of the world.

The solution

We launched brand visibility campaigns to introduce Amlul to new audiences, highlighting its values ​​of responsible fashion and ethical production. To do this, we use Taboola's display networks and recognition campaigns on Facebook and Instagram.

At the same time, we create search engine consideration campaigns to capture traffic from search terms related to sustainable and timeless fashion.

We also implemented omnichannel remarketing campaigns to re-impact people interested in Amlul who did not make a purchase after visiting the website.

Finally, we focus on increasing customer lifetime value (LTV), for which we carry out cross-selling campaigns of different Amlul collections, using email marketing and advertising on social networks and display.

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