Success stories

Black Island Label

Black Island is not just a women's clothing brand. With deep roots in Bali, this brand fuses traditional Indonesian craftsmanship with innovative patterns and high-quality finishes. Each garment not only represents fashion, but a tradition, a history and a commitment to sustainable local development.
The challenge

While Black Island enjoyed a reputation in physical stores, its digital presence and online sales were minimal. The challenge was clear: significantly increase the turnover of its online store, enhance its global recognition and, at the same time, transmit the essence and values ​​of the brand.

The solution

At Immoral, we understood that the solution required a holistic approach. First, we define specific campaigns aimed at increasing Black Island's visibility among new audiences and positioning the brand in key search engines.

Second, we focus on acquiring new leads, implementing highly effective retargeting campaigns to reconnect and convert. In parallel, we carried out an exhaustive analysis of the usability of the website, proposing critical changes to improve the user experience and, therefore, the conversion rate.

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