Success stories

The Crewel Work Company

UK leader Crewel Work combines art and tradition with its exclusive Elizabethan embroidery kits. But they don't just sell kits, they also offer embroidery retreats, connecting passion and tradition into unique experiences.
The challenge

In a world rapidly shifting towards digital, Crewel Work was looking to expand its global reach and increase sales of its kits. The challenge? Prioritize physical products, without leaving aside the essence and value of your withdrawals.

The solution

We started working together at the beginning of 2020. First, we delved into the heart of Crewel Work to understand its essence. We created targeted campaigns that will increase your visibility and present you to fresh and relevant audiences. Without losing focus, we intensified customer consideration using search engine tactics and shopping strategies, ensuring Crewel Work was top of mind when making decisions. Additionally, recognizing the importance of customer loyalty, we implement remarketing strategies to maximize the long-term value of each buyer.

But we didn't stop there. We knew that a seamless online experience was essential. So we dive into the usability of your website. After careful analysis, we proposed user-centric improvements and implemented a CRM to ensure that once visitors arrived, they stayed and became loyal customers.

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