Success stories

The Well Brand

LaMarca Well is the realization of a vision shared by sisters Mischka and Magally Capriles. Since its founding in 2017, it has established itself as a benchmark in promoting well-being and environmental awareness, offering a variety of products and services focused on nourishing body and soul. With a wellness center in Madrid that includes a store, restaurant and gym, it is a brand committed to improving the quality of life of its customers.
The challenge

LaMarca Well's dualism presented a unique challenge: maximizing the brand's visibility in the digital realm while focusing on attracting a broader, wellness-loving audience. The purpose was clear: to promote holistic well-being through the four pillars EAT, HEAL, MOVE and SEEK.

The solution

To introduce LaMarca Well to a broader audience, we initiated awareness campaigns emphasizing its values ​​in both editorial content and wellness products. Complementing this, we take advantage of the popularity of YouTube in Spain to direct recognition campaigns, seeking to connect with those passionate about a healthy lifestyle.

In parallel, we introduced consideration and conversion campaigns for LaMarca Shop. To encourage retention and keep LaMarca Well in customers' minds, we implement remarketing campaigns through email marketing. These strategies were specifically designed to reconnect with those who showed initial interest but did not complete a purchase.

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