Success stories


WeTribu is a community made up of CEOs and founders, its purpose transcends the simple exchange of experiences. They collectively seek to generate a substantial impact, both in their respective organizations and in society at large. Their clear vision is to expand this circle of influence, adding more members to their tribe.
The challenge

With the horizon focused on the cities of Barcelona and Madrid, WeTribu's main challenge was clear but ambitious: to attract, in an effective and meaningful way, new members who resonate with its ideals and objectives.

The solution

To capture those brilliant minds, we chose two giants of the digital world: Meta and Linkedin. We designed specific campaigns that not only communicated, but also emotionally connected with potential members. Our messaging emphasizes WeTribu's unique value proposition, one that invokes a sense of belonging and purpose.

Digital dynamics require adaptability. Therefore, we take an iterative approach, testing different segmentations and creatives. This continuous improvement process not only ensured that we were aligned with the changing demands of our audience, but also ensured that we attracted the highest quality leads.

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