Success stories

Mimara Group

Mimara is a prestigious network of residences and day centers for older adults in Spain. Its primary mission is to enrich the quality of life of each resident, meticulously adapting each service to individual needs.
The challenge

Mimara's goal was clear but complex: to enhance the acquisition of potential clients for its centers located in specific locations such as Oviedo, Tarragona, Asturias and Soria.

The solution

In the upper phase of the funnel, we work precisely on the segmentation of the target audience, identifying the particularities between older adults and their children. Each segment received a personalized message, designed to resonate deeply with their needs and emotions.

The middle phase of the funnel was oriented towards Product Search campaigns on Google. This tactic was designed to transform initial interest into more concrete actions, encouraging potential customers to make informed decisions for the well-being of their loved ones.

Finally, in the lowest phase of the funnel, we implement a robust remarketing strategy. Using personalized ads, we remind those interested of the advantages and values ​​of Mimara, motivating them to take the final step and become customers. This phase was essential to reinforce brand recognition and encourage direct conversion.

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