Success stories

The Manso

La Manso is a distinguished designer jewelry brand based in Barcelona, ​​acclaimed for its handmade and iconic pieces. It is not simply a brand, but a narrative that captures the duality between the everyday and the extraordinary, encapsulating significant moments and anecdotes to immortalize them.
The challenge

La Manso's challenge was to reach a global audience that resonates with its ethos, increasing not only its visibility, but also its online sales. The objective was clear: to enhance the brand and maximize the conversions of its online store.

The solution

We focus on a full funnel strategy based on our "Brandformance" methodology. We started with campaigns on Meta aimed at different audiences to amplify the visibility of La Manso. Through experimentation with varied audiences, creatives, and geographies, we extracted essential insights that laid the foundation for scaling our approach. In parallel, we developed campaigns on Google, ensuring that La Manso maintained a dominant presence in search and shopping results.

With an initial learning stage passed, we optimize campaigns to not only boost visibility but also ensure profitability. Through this dual strategy, we were able to foster substantial growth in sales, while maintaining the essence and authenticity of La Manso.

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