Facebook How to segment your audience? The keys

In the dynamic world of digital marketing, the ability to reach the right audience is essential to the success of any strategy. That is why we advise you to advertise through advertising campaigns with a key strategy: segment the audience well. As you already know, the platform to create campaigns on both Facebook and Instagram is Facebook Ads. This platform allows one fine-tuned segmentation to get to the desired audience. How can we create our ideal audiences? Facebook has 7 types of segmentation which we explain in this article in detail.

The 7 types of Facebook segmentation


This type of audience allows you to use specific dates, such as email listings, phone numbers, addresses, and customer value, to create contact groups. Facebook will look for matches between this data and that of the users of its platform. Additionally, you can create custom audiences from interactions on your website and your social profiles on Facebook and Instagram.


Lookalike audiences are those that are created from a group of people with similar characteristics to your current audience. These people don't know you yet, but they have similar behaviors to your followers or customers. These hearings, known as Look a Like (LAL), can be configured by selecting a country and adjusting the desired similarity percentage.


This section helps us combine several of the previous audiences and use them as one. It is very useful for audiences that we are going to reuse without modifications. In addition, in the hearings we can also choose: 


La geographical segmentation can be done in a way exclusive or inclusive. That is, you can choose the country or area where the ad is going to be directed, as como también exclude areas from the country where it is not interesting for advertising to reach. Can include countries, regions or states, market areas (e.g. euro zone), cities, zip codes and specific addresses, being able to add a geographic radius around it (minimum 1 km, although playing with exclusions we could only impact a specific building). The option of zip codes or addresses may be interesting for physical businesses who want to make specific promotions to people who are nearby.


Facebook allows you to make Detailed audience segmentations, such as through public demographic data such as studies and initial and continuous. When a user registers on the platform, they have the option of indicating the educational level or center at their profile and Facebook extracts the data from there to segment your audience.


The public can also segment by age or gender. The edad goes from 13 to more than 65 years and sex can be chosen (hombres, of o all). This option is very useful if the product or service is aimed only at a specific age group and sex.


Facebook records all the data that users enter on its platform. Many times Users include interests in their profile that they have or What topics are you passionate about?. When we segment by interests, the information that users have left is essential to direct us to a target a lot more tuned up for the advertising campaign be more effective.


El comportamiento of Facebook users means What are their habits or customs when they surf the Internet?, what type of pages they visit, how much tiempo are on the page, etc. This type of information is really important to be able to make a fine-tuned segmentation of your audience.


This type of segmentation allows you to reach people who have any connection with your page, application or event. Depending on the case, there are two or three options:

  1. People who are followers of your page, they have used your application or they have signed up for your event.
  2. Friends of people who are followers of your page or from users who have used your application.
  3. Delete to the people of the first group.

All the connections always refer to elements (Facebook pages, events or applications) that we manage. For example, it is not possible to advertise to users who like a page that we do not manage. This allows us create campaigns dedicated exclusively to our followers (useful if we have many thousands of them) or expand the scope from friends of our followers. We know that this is a complex issue but it is FUNDAMENTAL. We are experts in Facebook Ads and certified in Blue Print, if you want us to help you with your campaigns. ¡Contact us and we help you!

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