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How to sell online? | 3 keys for your e-commerce

There's no doubt sell online It is the main objective of any electronic commerce, but this is not always enough. Be able to achieve good results With online sales it will be a success factor for your online business.

With the aim that your e-commerce can increase sales on the Internet, we detail three keys beyond acquisition that will be very useful to you and that probably no one has told you.


1. Customer loyalty translates into an increase in online sales

You knew that keeping your current customers is more profitable than attracting new ones, right? To increase your online sales in the long term, the main focus of your e-commerce should be customer loyalty and achieving repeat purchases. How to do it? Here we present some effective techniques:

  • Customer Support. Offer an effective customer service system, such as live chat, to resolve questions and problems instantly. A customer satisfied with good service can become a loyal follower of your brand.
  • Fidelazation program. Implement loyalty programs that reward your returning customers with personalized discounts or other additional benefits. A notable example is the service Amazon Prime, which makes customers feel like part of an exclusive group.
  • Personalization in emails and web. Use email marketing to maintain close communication with your customers, offering them relevant content before and after their purchases. A good CRM with marketing automation tools will allow you to provide them with a personalized experience that translates into more sales.


2. Optimizing e-commerce to sell more online

If you want to sell more online, it is crucial that you optimize your online store to provide a pleasant and satisfying experience to your visitors. Here we leave you two fundamental tips:

  • Responsive web page. Make sure your website is mobile-friendly, as more and more people shop from their smartphones and tablets. The ease of navigation on any device will be a great point in your favor.
  • User experience (UX). Generate a satisfactory interaction for your users in your online store. A good user experience will increase the conversion rate and improve your reputation as a company.


3. Increasing sales through a recommendation system

Recommendation systems are powerful tools to offer your customers personalized products or services. This way you can increase your sales by predicting and presenting what interests them most. Take advantage of artificial intelligence to analyze the actions of your users and offer them relevant products.

As Netflix, which uses a recommendation system to suggest content adapted to the interests of its users, in your e-commerce you can also implement this strategy with the help of a CRM with marketing automation.

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