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Dictionaries of marketing words, the guide to understanding the words of the sector

Digital marketing can be full of anglicisms and acronyms, which can be confusing for those who are not familiar with this environment. For this reason, we have prepared a brief dictionary with the most common words in marketing. This way you can follow the thread of what is being said!

The Marketing Words You Need to Know


Generating awareness involves create awareness, is typically used to refer to creating brand awareness in new users.


 It is the strategy and campaigns that seek to ensure that your target audience knows and identifies with your brand, and decides to buy your products or services. And since we have mentioned brand awareness, it is worth remembering. what is branding. They are the strategies and campaigns that aim to ensure that your target audience knows your brand, identifies with it and decides to buy your products or services.


From English, it means audiovisual; the one you have to invest in advertising or other activities.

Call/call to action (CTA)

It is an invitation to whoever reads you to take some action, such as subscribing, contacting you or going to a link.


Funnel is equivalent to "funnel" in Spanish and refers to the process you go through with your audience to convert them from a simple connoisseur of your brand to a potential and future client.


These are potential customers who show interest in your brand, such as those who leave their email to subscribe to your newsletter.


Your target audience. They are the people who share specific characteristics and to whom your product or service is directed.


 The Cost per Thousand Impressions is calculated by dividing the cost of advertising by the total impressions and then dividing by a thousand.


 The Cost per Click is calculated by dividing the total cost of the campaign by the number of clicks it receives.


The CPL is the Cost per Lead and the CPA is the Cost of Acquiring a client, both measure the cost of obtaining leads or clients.


Click Through Rate is the percentage of clicks an ad receives in relation to the number of times it is shown.


The Conversion Rate is the percentage of users who perform a specific action, such as a purchase or download, in relation to those who visited your website.


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