ECOMMERCE 2022: what is working and what is not.

E-commerce has seen continued growth in 2021, and in 2022, the key to maintaining a competitive advantage will be prioritizing customer experience and differentiating in the market. Here are some Ecommerce trends that will work in 2022:

Ecommerce trends that will work in 2022

1. Chatbots

La artificial intelligenceL and automation are improving, and chatbots are an example of how brands can use these technologies to improve the customer experience. These bots can provide 24/7 customer service, directing buyers to the appropriate pages on the website.

2. Ecommerce: voice purchases and conversational purchases

Conversational shopping can help you interact with your customers in real time. The best brands are already beginning to experiment with chat applications like Facebook Messenger and voice technology like Alexa and Siri to allow customers to interact with your business, get recommendations and even make purchases.

3. Various payment methods

The diversification of payment methods will be important to generate trust in customers and reduce cart abandonment. Interest-free financing options and one-click payments will gain popularity and attract shoppers looking for flexibility in their online purchases.

4. Augmented reality, new technology and future of Ecommerce

Companies will continue to experiment with technologies such as augmented reality, product viewers and 3D mapping to improve the online shopping experience. Augmented reality gives customers the feeling of shopping in a physical store, which can be a significant advantage.

5. Subscriptions and Loyalty Programs

The programs of subscription and loyalty They will continue to grow as a strategy to retain customers and turn them into brand ambassadors.

6. Omnichannel to improve customer experience

The omnichannel approach, which offers an experience seamless across different devices and channels, will become increasingly important to meet the needs of customers who value convenience above all else.

7. Buyer Journey Optimization

Optimizing the buyer journey will be essential to maximize sales and improve the customer experience. Improving product search, mobile experience and returns processes will help stay competitive.

8. Conversion rate optimization: key in Ecommercehttps:

La conversion rate optimization It will be essential to attract and retain customers, eliminating friction points in the purchasing path.

9. Social Commerce

Social networks will become an important channel to search for new products and brands. Sharing user-generated content, collaborating with influencers, and utilizing advertising and in-app purchasing features will be effective strategies.

At be competitive also on social networks, there are several strategies you can use: 

  • Share user-generated content to engage followers.
  • Collaborate with influencers to increase your reach.
  • Leverage paid advertising and in-app purchasing features to drive sales.

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