Challenge the Rules in Google Ads with Portfolio Strategies

In the changing world of digital marketing, mastering Google Ads has become an essential tool for companies looking to stand out. One tool that many overlook is portfolio offering strategies.

Why is this Strategy Important?

Smart bidding can be a double-edged tool. Without a clear strategy, it's easy to get lost in the thicket of options and spend more than necessary. But don't worry, our "Brandformance for Growth" methodology will guide you on the right path.

Take the Big Step: How to Set Up Portfolio Strategies

  1. Enter the heart of Google: 'tools and settings'.
  2. Deploy the 'Offer Strategies'.

3. Create your strategy with '+'.

4. Choose the strategy that best suits your campaigns, we have taken Target ROAS in this example

5. Go deeper with 'advanced options'.

6. Mark your territory with a bid limit.

7. Secure your move.

Pitfalls on the Road: Mistakes to Avoid

Don't be shy about limits.

If your average CPC is €1.2, don't limit yourself to €1.00. Based on our experience, we suggest setting a limit that is 3-5X your average CPC.

Don't generalize: each campaign is different.

Each campaign has its own universe. Focus on the average CPC of the specific campaigns you're adding to this strategy, not the overall account average.

Monitor and adjust: The game is constantly changing.

The digital world changes day by day. It is vital to monitor and adjust your strategy regularly.

With these recommendations, you can trust that your investment in Google Ads will be more effective. At Immoral, we strive to be your strategic ally on this digital journey.
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