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Google Ads: Optimization Scripts

Using search engine advertising to position your company is a strategy that cannot be missing from your digital marketing plan. However, Google Ads includes a series of tasks that reduce productivity in your daily life. To prevent this from happening, there are optimization scripts that will allow you to automate them. Do you want to know what they are? You just have to keep reading!

What are optimization scripts for Google Ads?

The scripts are command sequences who are responsible for solving the previous problem. To use them, you need to have certain programming knowledge. When these are installed, They take care of those actions that are repetitive and that, precisely because of this characteristic, they are monotonous for a person. This means that they can be forgotten or that mistakes are made while they are being carried out. 

If you want to say goodbye to both these tasks and the possible errors that may occur, you just have to install Google Ads scripts! In addition, you will be able to optimize your campaigns and improve their results. 

Butwhat are these tasks What have we mentioned and what can we entrust to the scripts?

For example, pause ads and keywords that are low quality or that have poor performance, detect errors that may be in the links or modify the bids or offers, so that they can reach a certain position. 

These examples may remind you of automatic rules that are specified in Google Ads, since both execute actions. But they are not the same! And what is the difference? That the rules are executed from the interface itself in an intuitive way and they are in charge of very simple and internal tasks, such as breaks on certain days. When it comes to functions that involve external conditions, you have to resort to scripts!

How do you use Google Ads Scripts?

Although we have said that some Google Ads scripts require some programming knowledge to be able to work with them, it is not the case for everyone. In addition, you can access them from the platform itself. Keep reading to find out how: 


  1. Enter the account to which you want to apply
  2. Click on “Tools” and “Scripts”
  3. Click the “+” button
  4. Copy the script code and paste it. At this point it will be important to edit the name to know what function the script performs.
  5. Click on “Preview” and Authorize
  6. You can now save it.
  7. Close and configure it to run as frequently as you want
    Beyond the advantages that the scripts offer in themselves, they allow you to work with other Google tools, such as the calendar or Drive, but also with external services that use HTTP requests; This is the case of APIs. These are protocols and definitions that develop and integrate the software of an application. 

    Scripts that cannot be missing from your account

    There are many scripts available in Google Ads. A positive point that can turn into an ordeal if you don't know where to start. So that you don't throw in the towel and stop benefiting from them,Here we leave you the most notable ones!

    Quality score

    As its name indicates, this script is responsible for evaluate every day the quality of the keywords you have chosen from data. It can be implemented at the customer center or MMC level, to work more effectively, or in a subaccount. 

    Duplicate keywords

    The name of this script for Google Ads makes it clear: identify all those keywords that are found in various ad groups. This way you can increase the relevance of your ads and optimize them. 

    RSA quality

    Un RSA (Responsive Research Ads) is an ad format that includes multiple titles and descriptions that allow Google Ads to test different combinations to identify which one has the best performance. Its importance is increasing. Using this script you can analyze the status of those you have in your account. 

    URL Checker

    Spending time each day checking that URLs are working correctly can take hours. But with this script you will automate this task and you will ensure that all the pages you drive traffic to are error-free. You will verify this through an individual summary of accounts or all of the MCC's accounts. 

    Account Performance Summary

    With this script you will get a summary in a spreadsheet of everything what has happened in the inbox, so you can compare the activity with other periods. 

    Account Anomaly Detector

    An error can be fatal, but days passing undetected causes the damage to grow exponentially. This script compares the metrics of one week with the history of the previous ones over a period of six months. If it detects any very marked deviation, send a notice to the email for review. 

    Auction comparison

    An excellent way to analyze the competition's performance and compare it with ours. But since it has some complexity, make sure you understand how it works!

    Do you need help managing your Google Ads account and its performance? Don't worry! In immoral We put our services at your disposal so you can get your campaigns off the ground!

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