The 10 Essential Tools for Paid Media

Discover these essential tools for any paid media expert. Each one is designed to optimize your campaigns and aligns with our vision of marketing innovation. Here we present each tool with its description and benefits:

1. Meta Ad Library

A comprehensive tool to explore and analyze active ads on Facebook and Instagram, offering detailed insight into competitors' marketing strategies.


  • Analyze trends and competitive strategies.
  • Inspire new content ideas.
  • Improves understanding of effective advertising strategies. Visit Meta Ad Library

2. TikTok Creative Center

This platform provides insights into current trends on TikTok, including ad performance analysis and examples of successful creatives.


  • Encourage creativity in your campaigns.
  • Understand and capitalize on TikTok trends.

3. AdSpy

AdSpy is an advanced advertising spy tool that allows you to view your competitors' ads and their metrics in over 150 markets.


  • Identify successful advertising strategies.
  • Discover market opportunities.
  • Adjust your campaigns with real data.

4. Spyfu

SpyFu is a comprehensive tool for competitor analysis in Google Ads, allowing you to see the keywords purchased by your competitors and their most effective ads.


  • Refine your keyword strategy.
  • Learn from the successes and mistakes of the competition.
  • Discover new advertising opportunities.

5. SwipeKit

SwipeKit acts as a personal library to save and organize ads and content strategies that inspire you or find effective.


  • Source of inspiration and reference for campaigns.
  • Save time searching for creatives.
  • Improve the quality and effectiveness of your ads.

6. AdBox

AdBox is a platform for ad automation and analysis, which provides tools for the creation, management and optimization of advertising campaigns.


  • Facilitates efficient A/B testing.
  • Detailed analysis of ad performance.
  • Improve campaign management and efficiency.

7. Hyros

Hyros offers advanced and accurate data tracking, crucial for ad campaign attribution, especially following the iOS 14 privacy changes.


  • Improve attribution of advertising campaigns.
  • Optimize ad spending and ROI.
  • Clear understanding of advertising impact.

8. Similarweb

Similarweb is an analytical tool that offers detailed insights into web traffic and its sources, both for your site and those of your competitors.


  • Better understand your audience.
  • Analyze traffic trends and behavior.
  • Gain competitive advantages based on data.

9. SimilarTech

SimilarTech tracks the technologies used by your competitors, from payment methods to advertising platforms.


  • Explore and analyze competitive tools.
  • Discover new technological opportunities.
  • Stay at the forefront of technology adoption.

10. Shopify Analytics

Shopify Analytics provides a complete view of your online store metrics on Shopify, including the performance of your marketing campaigns.


  • Comprehensive view of your store metrics.
  • Understand the performance of your marketing campaigns.
  • Make decisions based on concrete data.

At Immoral, our goal is to always keep you at the forefront of digital marketing tools and strategies. If you want to learn how these tools can boost your brand, contact us. Let's work together to highlight your brand in the digital world!
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