Instagram Reels: How can I advertise my brand?

Air shipments are the most efficient if you need your cargo or documents to arrive quickly and securely. Instagram Reels They offer small businesses a free tool to promote their services, and a magical opportunity to reach new audiences and gain more customers globally. By creating short, inspiring and interactive videos with easy-to-use creative applications such as filters, trending audio and seamless transitions, the possibilities of promoting your brand with close to zero cost are multiplied.

8 Ways to integrate Instagram Reels into your brand promotion

Both influencers and more experienced marketers use Instagram Reels to reach a larger audience. Here's what you can learn from them:

1. Create useful content, not ads

Instagram Reels reach many more people than any of the other post types on the platform. With them you can make a name for yourself in your niche and boost your authority. However, to achieve this you must avoid direct advertising. Can be sold on InstagramOf course, but to promote your brand it is better that you choose to offer content that is useful to your potential customers. 

In this sense, it is equally important to show the more human side of your brand, which will make your audience connect with you in a closer and more personal way. This type of engagement works better in the long term, and generates greater benefits for the client.

Ideally, your content strategy on Instagram combines Reels, stories, carousels and photographs in which you show your product, your values ​​and your differentiation.

2. Create ads that show on Instagram Reels

Recently (since June 16, 2021 to be exact), Instagram has enabled this location to display ads. You can choose the following objectives for your Reels campaigns:

  • Brand recognition
  • Scope
  • Traffic
  • Soil-structure
  • Video plays

This is a great opportunity since we still have time to be the “early adopters” of this placement, so the CPMs can be much cheaper than the ones we usually get. 

Ads on Reels will be inserted between organic Reels content. To achieve this, you must select the following option in the “Location” ad section: 

3. Trust educational content

It is about turning to the multiple benefits of storytelling to help your audience solve a real problem. One, of course, that has to do with your product or service.

Why is your brand the one that will help them the most? The more answers you have to that question, the more Instagram Reels you can record to answer it.

In the end, the fundamental thing is to make the Reels thinking about what your ideal clients need. Record your short videos thinking about what your clients may need from you and you will have a better chance of success.

4. Use relevant hashtags and emojis

El instagram algorithm It changes every so often, so keeping up to date with how hashtags work can be tricky. However, you need to know which are the most relevant in your sector.

The reason is that The users of this social network are not only carried away by what their feed shows them. They also use the search engine. And that's where you can make it easier for them to find you.

Emojis, on the other hand, serve to make text more attractive. Use them wisely to make your views longer.

5. Don't lose sight of entertainment

We have already talked about the fact that the content must be useful, educational, not oriented towards direct sales and that you must put the focus on the customer. Well, the Instagram Reels that work best are those that combine all of the above with a good dose of entertainment: a little humor, careful framing, good lighting, trendy music…In the end, an Instagram Reel is like a miniature television show.

6. The power of Instagram Reels behind the scenes

Telling your company's story and emphasizing its values ​​is great. However, there is something even better: show your team, show how you work. Does the campaign sound familiar to you? I have a friend in Balay? In the company's television advertisements, workers are seen at their workplace.

You can do the same, although in a shorter and cheaper-produced video. These are some questions you can show:

  • How you choose the materials you use.
  • What is the production process like?
  • The daily life of the members of your creative team.
  • Where did the idea for the brand come from?
  • Introduce your employees or other members of your team. And if your business is a sole proprietorship, record yourself doing all the functions.

7. Collaborative Instagram Reels

Do you know influencer marketing? Well, you can use it with Instagram Reels. The application allows you to publish Reels on two or more accounts at the same time, so you can take advantage of the pull of influencers or micro-influencers relevant to your niche and further multiply the reach of your videos.

8. Be transparent and direct

The Reels work among a type of public that demands fast and easily digestible content. This requires that your messages be especially honest and transparent.

Additionally, using clear and explanatory subtitles will also help you. The goal is for your audience to know everything about your brand. And remember: all industries can benefit from the reach that Instagram Reels provide.

Do you need help with your Reels or social media strategy in general? ¡Let's talk!

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