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Explore how social intelligence can help you in your marketing strategy

At Immoral, we understand that genuinely connecting with your audience is at the heart of successful digital marketing. Social Intelligence is not just a tool, it is a bridge to a deep understanding of consumer needs and desires. Today, we invite you to explore how this powerful tool is transforming digital marketing and how it can be a key element in your strategy.

The Relevance of Social Intelligence

In the vibrant world of social media, capturing the essence of human interactions and feelings is essential. Social Intelligence goes beyond conventional data analysis, diving into the depths of attitudes, behaviors and preferences expressed online.

Hard Data and Statistics

  • According to a study Brandwatch, 96% of people who talk about brands online do not follow their official profiles, highlighting the importance of listening beyond our direct channels.
  • Sprout Social indicates that 89% of consumers will buy from a brand they follow on social networks
  • While Hootsuite reveals that 54% use these platforms to research products.

Essential Tools

At Immoral, we use cutting-edge tools for social network analysis:

Active Listening Strategies at Immoral

  • Top Buyer Surveys and Review Analysis: We dive into the heart of our clients' opinions, using advanced sentimental analysis techniques.
  • Continuous monitoring: We are always attentive to the voice of our community, continually adjusting and improving.
Immoral Sentimental Analytics Example

Immoral Sentimental Analytics Example

Applying Data to Marketing Strategy

  • Personalization in Content and Communication: We tailor our messages to authentically resonate with our audiences, using their own language and addressing their real concerns.
Immoral Sentimental Analytics Example

Immoral Sentimental Analytics Example

  • Innovation in Products and Offers: We are guided by insights to create solutions that truly satisfy the needs and desires of our clients.
Immoral Sentimental Analytics Example

Immoral Sentimental Analytics Example

At Immoral, we believe that Social Intelligence is an essential pillar to building lasting and meaningful relationships with consumers. By integrating this tool into our strategy, we not only improve our understanding of the audience, but we also position ourselves to anticipate and meet their needs in a deeply personalized and effective way.
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