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Advertising on YouTube: The keys to success!

Did you know that recent studies have confirmed that users exposed to advertisements increase their purchases by 40% compared to other users?

And why do I mention this to you? Well, because in Europe, until now, YouTube It is not the main channel to close sales, but rather the ideal space to expose yourself, make yourself known and generate multiple points of contact that accelerate the user purchasing process.

Why choose YouTube?

    • Diversity of users: It is the second search engine in the world after Google
    • Segmentation: It allows us to both fill the funnel at the top and convert users into loyal customers.
    • Scalability: Carrying out tests and analyzing the results will allow us to access an increasingly segmented audience with the appropriate video, in each phase of the funnel.

And YouTube is a social network that we generally consume less frequently than Facebook, for example, but with greater intentionality and time of use (an average of 40 minutes per session).

We could say that YouTube is like that bookstore where we go to be surprised with titles on our favorite subject, to learn and nourish ourselves, while Facebook or Instagram is the social club where we go to see what is happening in the lives of our acquaintances, to have fun, connect with others and entertain ourselves, with no more foundation or intention than mere social interaction.

Differences Youtube and Facebook

But how to make YouTube advertising profitable for your ecommerce? After several years of experience managing advertising on YouTube Ads, we have decided to work with the 4A method

4 A's method


Continuing with the example of the bookstore, we could classify the “momentum” of the potential buyer into three different types:

Good audience segmentation It is an essential step in a network with such a variety of forms of segmentation as YouTube

We have to get into the mind of the buyer and segment the audience according to the phase of the funnel they are in

type of hearings

Actions to take according to the audience


Choose the best way to make ourselves seen at each step of the funnel. According to our own data, the winning video ads in 2021 are:

    • Surprise and Humor
    • User-generated content (CGU)
    • Demonstrate the passion of the brand founders
    • Heartbeat method, or in other words, frequent changes of shot, scene, etc. to keep the viewer's attention
    • Product video showing discounts
    • Testimonials from other buyers

My Listings

In this phase we have to think about how we make decisions and create ads to conquer according to the phase of the funnel in which the user is located.

Actions depending on the level in the funnel


But without a doubt, the key to success in advertising on YouTube is structuring the account and following the best strategy to maximize results.

Cycle of steps advertising on YouTube

Now that you know everything you should take into account in your YouTube campaigns, it's time to get to work with your strategy. If you need help with it, don't hesitate to contact us.

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