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The keys to optimize your checkout

According to the latest statistics, around 70% of consumers leave an online store before completing the sale. However, the mobile shopping cart is the one with the worst figures, with 85% abandonment. If the same thing happens to you in your business, you are interested in knowing these keys to optimize your checkout

Why are full shopping carts abandoned?

Before getting into the subject and talking about how you can optimize your checkout, it is convenient understand why these abandonments occur. The analysis of the actions carried out by a user allows us to obtain information about the reasons that cause these abandonments. 

However, these can be of various kinds. One of them is the abandon checkout on your mobile to make the purchase from another device. If we consult the Statista statistics, we will see that, although its use is decreasing while mobile use is increasing, The desktop or laptop computer continues to be the most used method for online purchases

Other common causes are the price, which sometimes is simply a comparison; he shipping cost, which appear at the end; There shipping; registering with an account; return policies or the absence of any payment method in particular. 

In the case of mobile devices, which have the highest abandonment rate, other reasons are added. These are the usability of the structure of the page, which makes navigation difficult, or a design that is not responsive. That is, it is not adapted to this format. 

How to optimize your checkout?

Now that you know why your potential customers may be abandoning your website or their shopping cart, it is easier to understand how you can optimize your checkout. Here we leave you some keys to achieve it!

Change registration to invitation

If this is a regular customer or someone who already knows your brand and knows they will buy regularly, registration won't have to be a problem. However, someone who makes their first purchase on your website or who does not even know you, may see this process as an inconvenience. 

The alternative in this case to optimize your checkout is offer the possibility of purchasing as a guest or unregistered person.

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Since around 25% do not continue for this reason, your conversion rate It will improve drastically and you will achieve more sales. In addition, it is a technique that works very well with impulsive purchases of average tickets less than €50. 

And if what you want is to encourage registration to increase your customer base, you can offer rewards for doing so. For example, a discount on the first purchase or access to raffles and exclusive promotions for subscribers.

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Adapt the design of your website

Another reason we saw is that the website does not have a responsive design adapted to mobile devices. Google already gives more priority to pages that use this format in front of the desktop. And since The percentage of users who use this medium for their purchases continues to increase year after year, it is a simple action that will greatly benefit you in the future. 

Increase security

While online shopping has received a considerable boost since the pandemic, Security continues to be one of the pending issues in the digital environment. Younger generations are familiar and trust more easily. However, the others tend to be more reticent. 

One way to optimize your checkout in this aspect is to facilitate data management by the user, use the Secure Hypertext Transfer Protocol or HTTPS and seals that support secure payment. It is visible with the steering rod lock

Clear and transparent steps

You may find that completing the purchase process as soon as possible is the most effective way to achieve conversions. But it's not like that! Users prefer it to be progressive and clear to make sure everything is correct and that they are in control. Order information should be visible or easily accessible if it is ever hidden, so you can easily add or remove products. 

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Various payment methods

There are multiple platforms that offer methods of comfortable payment and easy financing. In addition to increasing customer satisfaction, it enables a greater number of sales, since if, for example, payments can be divided or financed according to the characteristics or needs of the user, they are affordable for a larger audience. 

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These are just some examples of the different options you have to optimize your checkout. If you like get the most out of your eCommerce, in Immoral We offer you tools that are within your reach. ¡Contact us and we will advise you!


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