CRM Do I need one? Come see why YES!

Boost your Business with a CRM and Marketing Automation

Let's start at the beginning, a CRM is a Customer Relationship Manager or, in other words, it is the space where you keep all the information from your clients.

And you will ask yourself, do I need one?

If your business has or aspires to have the customer at the center of its strategy, you undoubtedly need one.

A CRM aims manage information of each of your clients to recognize what stage of the sales cycle they are in and thus personalize the relationship and communication with them, in addition to increasing loyalty.

But, you might think that, even with all the information, it is impossible to serve each user in a personalized way.

The reality is that, if we also connect your CRM with a marketing automation tool, we will obtain the perfect combo to take your communication strategy to the next level.

Imagine that you know that a customer has been visiting a specific product and is in the information and interest phase, but is not yet confident enough to purchase it. Why not send him a personalized email with arguments that convince him?

It is much more likely that you will end up buying and we will win a sale. And if we also automate this process and send personalized emails to all customers who need that boost of confidence in my e-commerce, I will obtain tens, hundreds or thousands of new sales from users who, possibly, would have otherwise purchased from another business.

Then, What can a CRM with marketing automation do for me?

  1. Centralize and collect all the data related to your clients or users interested in your brand. From basic data such as your email to more complex data such as page visits or viewing time of a specific product.
  2. Offer Personalized and automated Email Marketing according to the user's behavior and the stage of the sales funnel in which they are located.
  3. Visualize your sales funnel with greater clarity. What is the process that users follow from the first contact to the purchase in your ecommerce? In addition to allowing you to visualize it, it will also give you clear ideas of where you are failing, where you are losing leads, etc. Have they taken any action that indicates they want to make a purchase?
  4. Qualify leads automatically based on their behavior to be able to dedicate more attention to users with a higher purchase intention.

In short, a CRM will help you get to know your website users better, improve your purchasing cycle, build customer loyalty and, above all, save time.

Do you have questions about which CRM to use and what strategies to implement? In immoral We are specialists in CRM integration and definition of marketing automation strategies, ask us without obligation 🙂

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