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I don't have traffic on my website | What should I do?

Increase Web Traffic: Strategies for Success

In the digital marketing universe, increasing web traffic is a key priority. Definitely, Traffic is the engine that drives the success of any strategy. A website without visitors lacks purpose, similar to a stove without coal. In this context, it is vital to understand how to generate traffic and, even more so, how to leverage it to achieve crucial objectives. Through diverse channels, such as organic, social, referral and email, your website can thrive.

Why is it important to increase website traffic?

Traffic is the heart of any website. But its impact goes further, establishing foundations to turn visits into conversions, increase subscribers, promote brand visibility and consolidate your authority in your industry. It's a vital cog that drives customers and, ultimately, sales. To maximize benefits, it is essential to set concrete and ambitious goals, transforming traffic into tangible achievements. Our performance marketing team can help you achieve concrete results. We distinguish different channels through which more audiences can reach a website.

  • Organic channel: These are the visits that come from the search results as an organic response. To implement it, you must work on SEO.
  • Social channel: They are all those visits that come from social networks. You must generate viral content.
  • Referral channel: These are visits that come through external web pages. Link building is a good tool for this channel.
  • Email channel: They are all those visits that come to your site thanks to an email marketing campaign.

But in this article we want to highlight the importance of paid and display channels to increase your website traffic.

Paid channel

All visits that come to a web page through a paid online advertisement are those that correspond to the paid channel. This traffic capture system is, in addition, compatible with the rest of the channels. Therefore, we recommend that you use this channel when you want to get direct clicks to your website from external places. The main options of this channel are:

Facebook Ads

Many companies invest in the advertising platform for payment of Facebook due to its great reach, since it is the social network with the largest number of active accounts. Besides, stands out for its segmentation system. it's possible diversify users those you are interested in reaching with your ads according to variables such as gender, geographic location, age, or interests. Therefore, if you are looking for highly segmented traffic at a low cost, you should use this channel.

Google Ads

These are all the ads that appear to the user along with the search results on Google. The great advantage of Google Ads is that the possibilities are multiple: You can use both search campaigns with text ads, as well as display campaigns with banners, videos on YouTube or product sheets in Shopping. In addition, it is also possible to include data such as phone number, location, etc. along with the ad.

LinkedIn Ads

The largest social network for professionals also has its own advertising system. It is possible to publish text ads, sponsored inMail messages that users only receive if they are active on the social network, or it can be sponsored content that allows you to share information about your company with other users. It is an ideal social network for B2B and to promote higher education and professional courses, although it has the disadvantage that advertising on it is very expensive, so we advise you to always do it with experienced professionals.

Twitter Ads

This social network has a payment system for ads very similar to that of Facebook.

Display or Programmatic Channel

These are all those visits to a website that come from other online sites or remarketing systems, which They arrive after clicking on ads on our site. In addition, there are different types of campaigns.

Campaigns by theme or keyword

In these campaigns, advertisements can be embedded in the websites according to the themes or the keywords that we choose.

Campaigns by categories

This type of campaign It is very useful when your target is very defined, since it allows you to choose the characteristics that the recipient of the ad will have, which are determined by Google according to their search history.

Campaigns aimed at specific pages

In this type of ad display campaign you can choose the websites in those we want for our company's advertising to appear.

Campaigns in mobile applications

With this campaign it is possible to place banners in applications for mobile devices.

Remarketing campaign

Our ads will appear to all users who have previously interacted with our website. Now that you know everything you need to take into account to improve your website traffic, it's time to get to work with your strategy. If you need help with it, don't hesitate to contact us.

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