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What is Neuromarketing and how to increase your sales?

Neuromarketing is a fascinating union between Marketing and Neuroscience that allows us to understand the factors that influence the unconscious decisions of buyers, and thus, increase sales. Through Neuroscience, emotions, attention and the economic, social and cultural indicators that lead the consumer to make a purchase are analyzed. This technique applied to marketing helps us understand the sometimes "irrational" behavior of the consumer, since the process of purchase decision on the internet it lasts just 5 seconds, and 95% of these decisions come from the unconscious.

Neuromarketing and advertising: Understanding your customers

Understand peoples is essential to understand consumer behavior during the purchasing process. Through Neuromarketing, we can identify the stimuli that predict your behavior through graphs or heat maps, allowing us to know where consumers pay the most attention. Thus, marketing and advertising strategies They can be much more effective, since the stimuli that impact the purchasing process are taken into account. It has been proven that when buying, the subconscious has greater relevance than our conscious part. That is why current advertising focuses more on the experimental field, appealing to the emotions and senses.

Neuromarketing tips to increase your sales

El Neuromarketing is effective because it knows that mind is a 80% organic or with a 20% cultural. Let's see the four tips essential to increase your sales:


Offering promotions such as “buy 3, pay 2” instead of a simple 50% discount is more effective. This is because humans we react to the possibility of obtaining more, appealing directly to our emotions.


The numbers have a symbolic power undeniable. The number 3 is especially powerful, so placing 3 products together is very effective in certain cases. However, the strategy may vary depending on the segmentation and the product or service offered.


Focus on emotions and the irrational part of consumers. Selling the usefulness and productivity of a product is more effective than a simple description of its features. In the case of services, offer experiences to consumers generates a greater impact and emotional connection.


Content creation is essential in today's marketing. Carefully choose the words in your advertising to go further and increase your sales. Aim for one subtle strategy and non-intrusive, showing how your product or service can make your customers' lives easier and more satisfying. Appeal to the “you” in your communication, as it is a powerful stimulus for the brain.

We hope we have been useful with these tips and, if you need help in this area, do not hesitate to contact us to define the most effective marketing strategy.

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