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Real Time Bidding: What it is and how to use it

When you are browsing the Internet and an advertisement for your favorite brand suddenly appears, it is not a coincidence: it is because of the Real Time Bidding. This online advertising model is one of the ones that can bring the most success to your business, especially in the upper part of the sales funnel. Internet advertising is an essential promotional tool for most companies. This bidding system has revolutionized the way of approaching digital campaigns. Below we explain what it is and how to use Real Time Bidding to reach your potential clients and May you achieve your goals.

What is Real Time Bidding?

Real Time Bidding is an advertising system that is based on bids that occur in real time. Once a person enters a website, a bid occurs among all the ads that may appear. It is a very fast process, it occurs in fractions of a second. The key is in the use of data. And that is done through Big Data, a system that collects in milliseconds all the information stored in the user's cookies. Once its characteristics are defined, the information is sent to the AD Change, a platform that serves as a meeting point between those who sell advertising space and those who want to buy them. At that point, advertisers decide if they want to enter the auction. If yes, they must enter the Demand Side Platforms to adjust the bid parameters. In a few seconds the most attractive offer is evaluated, the winner of the bid is notified and the ad is shown to the user. The great advantage of Real Time Bidding is that It greatly simplifies the path to reaching the target audience. For example, a running fan wants to buy some sneakers. When you visit forums and blogs to search for information for your purchase, all this data will be stored in your browser, so that when you reach a website that displays advertising, advertisers will use that information stored in cookies to show you advertisements related to the Search for your sneakers. That's why Real Time Bidding allows you to show your ads to people who have real interest in your products or services. That is, they are advertisements that you can target with good audience segmentation. to audiences with real purchasing intent. Seen this way, Real Time Bidding has changed the way we understand internet advertising. You are no longer looking to show an ad on a specific site. Now audiences are being sought. But how to get the most out of this system?

How to use Real Time Bidding for your digital campaigns?

There are a series of operating keys which vary depending on your strategy, and which we present below.

Set the objectives of the Real Time Bidding campaign

There can be two. Branding, to obtain brand recognition. Or Perfomance, which serves to achieve conversions from both new users and those who have already interacted with the brand.

Set the tracking pixel

It serves for collect user information that enter our page, and thus segment the audience.

Audience segmentation: the key to Real Time Bidding

Depending on the RTB platform we use, we can segment our users through their interests, geographic location and their previous behavior on our website, among others.

Choose various banner sizes

Media offers different sizes for banners. If you choose them in various sizes you will have a better chance of appearing on more pages.

Choose the right time and place

The position that the ad occupies on the page will influence its visibility. It is important that you select the option that allows the user to see the ad without the need to scroll. You will also have to distinguish when is the right time to show your ad. That is, adapt it to the purchasing stage of your target audience. You can make strategies with objectives adapted to each type of stage. For example: create brand authority, increase your conversions, build customer loyalty, etc. This aspect is very important to get the most out of Real Time Bidding campaigns.

Monitoring and final evaluation of Real Time Bidding

Tracking and measuring the results you are achieving with your campaign will allow you to make corrections to your strategy if you are not obtaining the desired results. And if they are, a good strategy is continue investing time and money in repeating the same campaign while you do small tests that will help you increase your turnover without losing ROAS. Beyond the appropriate use of Real Time Bidding according to your strategy, it is important that you find a message that works in your ads. If not, you will be wasting the opportunity that this online advertising system represents. If you have any questions, our performance marketing team It is at your disposal for whatever you need.

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