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Maximizing Impact: Innovative Sales Strategies

Winter sales are a key time for e-commerce, offering unique opportunities to grow and connect with customers. Here we present a series of innovative strategies and tools to help you stand out this season.

Augmented Reality for Virtual Testing

This technology allows customers to virtually try products before purchasing. Some Zara, Farfetch or Rayban ecommerce already use augmented reality to increase conversion on their website.

Smart Chatbots for Personalized Recommendations

Chatbots can offer personalized suggestions, improving the customer experience. A notable example is Levi's virtual assistant, which not only facilitates personalized product recommendations but also helps customers navigate through its extensive catalog efficiently. This type of technology allows for more dynamic and personalized interaction with users, ensuring that each recommendation aligns with their preferences and previous purchasing behaviors.

Use of Artificial Intelligence for Trend Prediction

AI can predict trends and customer preferences, using it we can not only optimize stock management but we can also get to the point by choosing our trending products as creatives for our social media campaigns or creating specific search campaigns for the searches that generate these products.

Loyalty Programs and Exclusive Rewards during Sales

Offering exclusive rewards can increase customer loyalty and lifetime value. A notable case is that of Sephora, which has implemented exclusive offers for its members, creating a feeling of belonging and privilege. These offers not only encourage repeat purchases, but also reinforce customers' emotional connection with the brand. We could use this type of loyalty program to give members exclusive benefits during the sales period.

Influencer Marketing to Create Pre-Sale Expectation

Collaborating with influencers can generate buzz and increase reach. Although generating expectations is always correct, it is even more so when our ecommerce has a medium-high ticket, since the user has time to reflect on the larger purchase and with this advance we can motivate them to start this period of reflection earlier until They decide to buy.
A prominent example of this strategy is Gymshark, which collaborates with fitness influencers to connect with their target audience. These influencers not only show the products in action, but they also create authentic and engaging content that resonates with their followers. This helps Gymshark build a stronger bond with its audience and drive sales, especially during sales. By working with influencers who share the brand's values ​​and lifestyle, Gymshark is able to reach new potential customers in an organic and compelling way.

Segmented Email Marketing

Send personalized emails based on previous interests and behaviors. Although we send some general communication newsletters, it will always add that we push users by sending them personalized newsletters according to the product in which they have previously shown interest.

Take advantage of this period to attract new audiences

Sales are a time when we eliminate the price barrier and turn it into an advantage. Let's take the opportunity to attract new customers and retain them with the purchasing experience and the quality of the product so that they continue buying from us at full price times.

Mobile Website Optimization

Ensure that the user experience is fluid and fast, especially on mobile devices.

SEO for Ecommerce

Optimize your website to appear in search engines by KW related to sales and your product.

At Immoral, we firmly believe in adapting these strategies to the specific needs of your brand. We are committed to always being at the forefront of marketing, innovating and exceeding expectations. We invite you to explore these tactics and take your winter sales campaigns to the next level.
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