How to ethically steal revenue from your competition

Have you wondered how you can stand out from the crowd in Google Ads, without sacrificing your principles? At Immoral, we believe that ethical marketing and innovation go hand in hand. Here we present a not only effective strategy to surpass your competitors through Google ads.

We are not talking about targeting competitor keywords in search campaigns but about impacting the audience that visits your website.

This strategy works like this:

We did that with a client during the January sales and we managed to invoice €68.569 with this campaign.
Let's go over the entire strategy, step by step.

Step 1: Create a custom audience based on your competitors' URL

  • Copy your competitor's URL
  • Create a custom audience
  • Insert the competitor's URL

Now you can directly target people who have shown interest in websites similar to your competitors.

An important note from the official Google documentation:
«Your ads will reach people who browse websites similar to the URLs you enter. Note: This does not mean that your ads will show on those URLs.

Your ads could also be shown to users browsing websites similar to the ones you've entered, meaning, like audience signals in pMax, Google can go beyond the goal you've provided.
Therefore, it is important to continue testing different audiences (with a single competitor or several).
With the audience you just created, you can target your competitors' traffic with YouTube, Display, and Discovery campaigns.

Step 2: Highlight the Best of your Brand in your Ads

Instead of direct comparisons that may seem aggressive, focus on the unique strengths of your product or service. What makes you different? How can you improve the lives of your clients? This is your time to shine.
Inspiration: Look at examples of brands that have been able to highlight their strengths in creative and emotional ways, such as ads for Dove or Dr. Squatch. Their success lies in authentic communication focused on the value they bring to their clients.

Step 3: Optimize your Landing Page with a Positive Message

You don't have to, but you can increase your conversion rates by directly comparing your brand to competitors or the industry standard. Instead of direct comparisons, you can also use data, testimonials, and case studies to show your value in a more constructive and less confrontational way.

It's not always about directly roasting your competitor. It's more about identifying your customers' top challenges and pain points, and then painting a clear picture of why your brand is the best solution.

At Immoral we believe that success comes from transparency, innovation and exceptional service. By applying these strategies, you will not only be gaining traffic and potentially income, but also building a respected and trusted brand.
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