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SEM: Humans vs. Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI), automation and machine learning are having a profound impact on all sectors. The fact is that they have already begun to revolutionize our daily lives, leaving us more time to be more productive and creative. Algorithms force us to ask ourselves: what to choose in the dichotomy humans vs. Artificial Intelligence in SEM?

However, pure artificial intelligence is still not a 100% operational reality at the present time. Most of the applications that we consider AI are, in fact, cases of automation or machine learning. That's why it's important understand the difference between one and the other before carrying out the analysis between humans vs. Artificial Intelligence in SEM. 

In the comparison between humans vs. Artificial Intelligence in SEM, will AI make human-designed SEM obsolete?

The short answer is that No.

AI is a tool that humans can use to create better ads, with greater interaction and conversion. What AI will do is refocus some of the existing SEM tactics and strategies; forcing us to better understand databases, tagging and other technologies as we integrate them into our modus operandi.

Artificial intelligence will automate many of the tasks we do by hand. However, much of the decision making at SEM is based on the experience we have accumulated over the years. AI can only simulate human experience, not produce it.

The tools at our disposal will be more advanced thanks to AI, but they will not be able to replace the person. Emotions like curiosity and empathy are far beyond the reach of AI

So what will be the impact of AI on SEM?

If we want to compare humans vs. Artificial Intelligence in SEM, these are some conclusions we reached:

  • AI forces SEM to be more human and combines technological changes with the society of knowledge and trust that we have become. 
  • It will make processes faster, provide more accurate data, and help create stronger SEM and SEO strategies.
  • You will be able to correlate a large amount of data quickly, allowing us to focus on the elements that matter instead of trying to find them.
  • It will level the playing field in the industry. Not with unfair tactics, but with best practices. 

Advantages and disadvantages of using AI to design an SEM strategy


  • Automation: Automating the study of data will leave humans more time to dedicate to the really important tasks, content.
  • Processing faster, accuracy, less dependence on human resources.
  • Access to data hyper focused, understanding industry trends, prioritizing UX in the SERP.


  • It will not be affordable for everyone, at least at first
  • If AI makes a mistake, it can make bad decisions almost instantaneously whose harms materialize just as quickly. Needs human intervention to verify accuracy. That is why we cannot talk about competition between humans and humans. Artificial Intelligence in SEM, but collaboration.
  • Experts assess possible losses of jobs and trust in the Human SEO/SEM Consultant.

Balancing what AI can do and human work: the ultimate goal

When introducing artificial intelligence into your SEM/SEO strategy equation, these are some of the issues you should consider:

  • Make sure AI works for you and not the other way around. Make it a tool that helps better implement your strategy, but without giving up your knowledge and always depending on it.
  • keep true skepticism about AI is healthy and will allow your team to stay up to date with the advances that are made. It is necessary to trust technology, but trust does not have to be blind.

For each team, the perfect balance between AI and human labor will be slightly different; and it will be the team itself who establishes the way of working with AI.

Tools to improve SEM and SEO positioning using AI and human team

SEMrush for technical research and on-site keyword rankings.

Buzzsumo to highlight content topics that rank well.

Answer the Audience helps you move from keywords to questions that AI can answer.

The results of Google They offer a great source of information if you know what questions to ask.

Screaming Frog to solve technical and artificial intelligence problems that appear on your site.

As a conclusion about the analysis of humans vs. Artificial Intelligence in SEM, we can say that, although SEM (like SEO) traffic increases, AI is capable of turning around the conversions of that traffic. On the other hand, it is necessary to differentiate AI from automation. While the latter accelerates a process, AI makes it more human and participatory. SEM, like SEO, helps you communicate with search engines, while AI will help you communicate with humans. We, for our part, help you create a strategy using multiple tools. Do you want to know how? ¡Check out!

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