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Questions to get luxury testimonials

More than 90% of consumers consult other customers' opinions before making a purchasing decision or hiring. Something extremely easy to do nowadays, since all you have to do is type the name of a company on the Internet and, almost certainly, reviews will appear. 

Although these cannot be controlled, it is possible to achieve this with those included on the website. If you want to have luxury testimonials, we tell you how to prepare your clients to achieve it. 

The power of testimonials: Captivate your Customers with Authentic Experiences 

So much Word of mouth and the opinions of other customers are the most effective way to attract new consumers who may end up becoming customers. However, as we said in the introduction, the comments left on your social networks or on Google can be completely random, and what you really need to gain credibility and get your audience to trust you They are well-crafted and complete opinions. 

But how can you get your clients to leave luxury testimonials? Well, it's as simple as preparing them for it. That is, instead of letting them decide freely, we can direct your speech towards the content we want you to focus on

Whether you want to incorporate a video into your website with the testimonials or if you prefer to leave them in writing, you can resort to a previous questionnaire. Through this, your clients will be able to focus on mentioning what you want them to express. 

But beware! Luxury testimonials are not those that follow our script, but rather they must be a opinion expressed in a personal way

If it appears that they are not honest, your image will be damaged and the consequences will be worse than if you had no reviews at all. The idea is not to tell them what to say, the main objective is to tell them what points you recommend expressing in the testimony. What the person says or writes is at their discretion.

To achieve this, you just have to include a series of questions so that they keep them in mind when developing their opinion. With questions we achieve a double function

  1. Establish the points that we consider the testimony should have, which will make it more specific.
  2. Save people time. With a question guide you no longer have to spend minutes thinking about what exactly to talk about.

Questions to get luxury testimonials

There are no perfect questions, since each company offers a different product or service. Therefore, although we leave you a list here, you must use it as a reference and customize it for your own business. What matters is that with luxury testimonials you get the type of message you want to show to your target audience. 

What obstacle would have prevented you from purchasing this product or service?

That? We want a testimony of luxury and we start with a detail that could be perceived as negative. Well that's how it is. Testimonials that are all positive and only talk about the benefits and benefits of the product or service are not very credible. 

So why start with this question? Let's just stop for a moment and think about what we are like ourselves before purchasing a product or service. It is very likely that before doing it, questions or doubts arose, such as: Will these pants fit me just as they look in the photo? Will I really achieve the results they tell me? Will my daughter like this gift?  

Therefore, if a person observes a testimony that begins at this point, It is very likely that you feel identified. He is listening before the purchase, which is precisely where he is now and not just after.

What need or problem required a solution and how did you solve it when purchasing the product or service?

All products and services have a common purpose, satisfying a need. It is likely that there are other clients or companies that also have the same problem or require something similar. 

When you listen to or read this person They will feel identified and pay attention to what he has to say. Therefore, ask your customers to describe their previous situation and how it was solved thanks to your products or services. 

The function of this question is to be the flip side of the previous one. With it, generally people will tell us why your purchase was worth it, despite the obstacle that they just indicated to us. In this way, managing to eliminate or reduce doubts or objections.

What specific attribute made you choose our brand over another?

Although this question may be very similar to the previous one, the objective here is to differentiate yourself from the competition and explain the main characteristic that tipped the balance in your favor. 

It is an excellent opportunity for highlight your advantages and strengths. If there is someone who hesitates between your business and a similar alternative, the motivations given in the luxury testimonials can be the key to finally choosing you and not your competitors. 

It is advisable to limit this question to commenting on a single characteristic. This way, they will be able to delve into the details. Unlike if we ask about the entire product or service 

Would you recommend our product or service? Because? for other clients

The client who is giving his testimony has the ability to influence the purchasing decisions of other customers. This means that everything they can add about you that is positive will increase the likelihood that they will bet on your business. Ask them openly if they would recommend you and the reasons why. 

Is there anything else you want to add?

To finish, you can encourage them to add to their testimony another comment that they have overlooked or that was not included in the questions above. 

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