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Email and Marketing Automation Specialist

At Immoral, we are more than a digital marketing agency: we are a team committed to excellence and continuous growth. We are looking for a passionate and talented Email and Marketing Automation Specialist to join our team and be part of the engine that drives our projects and accounts to success.

What will you do as an Email and Marketing Automation Specialist at Immoral?
• Design and execute email marketing strategies: You will be responsible for creating and managing email marketing campaigns, ensuring the correct segmentation and personalization of communications to maximize engagement and conversion.
• Marketing Automation: You will develop and optimize marketing automation flows using specialized tools to improve campaign efficiency and customer experience.
• Analysis and optimization: You will monitor and analyze the performance of email and automation campaigns, performing A/B testing and using data to continually optimize strategies.
• Collaboration and coordination: You will work closely with content, design and client teams to ensure email and automation campaigns are aligned with overall marketing and business objectives.
• Reporting and presentation of results: You will prepare detailed reports on campaign performance, presenting key insights and recommendations to continually improve our marketing efforts.

Main responsibilities:

Plan, execute and manage email marketing campaigns to achieve marketing and sales objectives.

Set up and optimize marketing automation flows to improve efficiency and conversion.

Monitor and analyze the performance of email and automation campaigns, making necessary adjustments to maximize ROI.

Collaborate with content, design and sales teams to create campaigns aligned with the marketing strategy.

Stay up to date on the latest trends and best practices in email marketing and automation.


Demonstrable experience managing email marketing and automation campaigns, with a proven track record of success.

Advanced knowledge of email marketing and automation tools.

Analytical skills to interpret data and make decisions based on analysis.

Excellent communication and collaboration skills.

Previous experience in marketing agencies or digital marketing departments is desirable.

Senior or semi-senior profile, with a strong results orientation and commitment to continuous learning.

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What do we offer?
• An innovative and stimulating work environment, where each person is valued and motivated to give their best.
• Opportunities for professional growth and development.
• A passionate and united team, committed to transparency, service and obtaining outstanding results.

If you're ready to join a dynamic team and help drive our clients' success, we want you at Immoral! Apply now and be part of our exciting journey.