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Bobo Choses

Bobo Choses is an international fashion brand known for its avant-garde and innovative style. At its core, it seeks to dress children and adults with pieces that combine comfort and contemporary aesthetics, while telling a story.
The challenge

Bobo Choses is a clothing brand that sells worldwide through physical and online multi-brand stores.
The online store was a very small part of the company's turnover and the challenge was to grow it in the digital channel.
Furthermore, they had done campaigns with other agencies without results, so they were a little disappointed and without confidence in paid media campaigns.

The solution

We started working together in 2018 and from the beginning we not only took a cross-channel approach, but we addressed every level of the customer's purchasing process.

Initially, we promoted and optimized visibility campaigns aimed at new audiences, guaranteeing that Bobo Choses was discovered by potential customers who did not yet know the brand. In addition, we implement shopping campaigns, taking advantage of the visual power of your products and placing them directly in front of customers willing to buy. At the same time, we launched campaigns on YouTube, maximizing reach and connecting emotionally with the audience through attractive visual content.

Each campaign was constantly monitored and optimized to ensure maximum performance. This translated into an unprecedented return on investment, boosting the brand in the competitive digital market.

Later we implemented a CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) and defined an automation strategy with multiple flows and contact points, as well as a CDP (Customer Data Platform) to start exploiting all your first-party data at the highest level.

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This they say about us
AINARA SIMON Chief Digital Manager, Bobo Choses

It is not easy to find an external team so committed, proactive and decisive.

Their continuous contribution, their knowledge, their experience and their desire to make the brand grow have made them fundamental partners for the growth of the online business, the digital marketing strategy and our investment in advertising media.

TONI TIO Chief Communications Manager, Bobo Choses

Agility, intelligence and feedback are three very notable aspects of their work, fundamental to entrust our paid media strategy to this team.