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Boost sales closings with technology

We accompany you throughout the process from the moment a new contact comes in until the sale is closed, improving and shortening the process with marketing automation.

Your problem

Despite having a committed sales team, sales are not at the desired level. Contacts can go cold while waiting, and the lack of an organized structure in lead management can lead to missed opportunities.

Our solution

A seamless integration of CRM, Email Marketing and Automation, designed to keep contacts warm until your sales team closes the sale. We offer a personalized strategy, adapted to the specific needs of your business, enhancing the effectiveness of your sales team.

These are its benefits
Lead optimization: Categorize and prioritize your contacts to ensure your sales team focuses on the most promising opportunities. Constant comunication: Through email marketing and automation, we keep your contacts engaged and informed until they are ready for the sale. Personalized Management: We adapt the CRM to the particularities of your business and offer training to your team to maximize its use. Total Integration: We connect the marketing and sales areas for a more efficient workflow, facilitating internal communication. Analytics and Improvement: We provide tools and reports to measure performance and adjust strategy as necessary.

How do we do it


We analyze your current processes and identify areas for improvement.

CRM implementation

We configure a CRM tool adapted to your needs, guaranteeing a smooth transition.

Email Marketing integration and intelligent automation

We design effective campaigns to cultivate and nurture your leads. We set up automated sequences that keep contacts interested and ready for the sales team.

Training and Support

We train your team in the use of CRM and best practices to guarantee a successful and sustainable adaptation.

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Closing leads

Your sales team is transformed with technological tools that amplify your capacity, keep leads interested and optimize conversion.