The birth of : Making a dream come true

Marco Sapina
Founder & CEO

It all started with a vision. Marco, our founder and passionate about digital marketing, wanted to create the agency he would have liked to work with: a highly competent and transparent team, a place where talent flourishes and is celebrated. From this idea ADMK Team was born, our former identity, a team committed to providing exceptional solutions to our clients.

Marco Sapina
Founder & CEO

The challenge of transmitting our true essence

Over time, we realized that something didn't add up. Despite our competencies and loyalty to the brands we work with, the agency's identity did not clearly reflect our true essence. Neither the name nor our communication could convey what we really are: a marketing team dedicated to providing meaningful solutions and exceptional results.

Throughout our history, we have experienced organic growth fueled primarily by recommendations. The brands we have had the privilege of working with have so appreciated our commitment to transparency and excellence that they have passed on their satisfaction to other brands. Thus, each new collaboration has been the result of a chain of trust and positive recommendations.

The rebranding
as a solution

We decided to face this challenge and communicate our capability in a more effective way. That's when Immoral was born, a striking and memorable name that sets us apart. The name is a bold way to address marketing's widespread bad reputation and showcase our vision: marketing can be an honest, transformative, and socially beneficial discipline.

We redefine digital marketing by focusing on ethics, transparency and commitment. We consider ourselves more than an ally; We are the essential strategic partner for brands seeking to create real impact and achieve exceptional results.
Our team, united by shared values ​​and a proven methodology, is dedicated to enriching people's lives through truly responsible marketing.

The rebirth as “I'm moral” is not only a name change, but also a reaffirmation of our dedication to scaling businesses through innovation, experimentation and optimization. We firmly believe that the future of digital marketing lies in the adaptation and adoption of new technologies and innovative techniques.

At Immoral, we are constantly exploring the latest trends and emerging technologies, and how these can be applied to provide effective and efficient solutions for the brands we work closely with every day.

Additionally, our innovation philosophy extends beyond technology and into the realm of ideas. We strive to think differently and challenge conventions. We believe that every challenge is an opportunity to innovate and grow.

Therefore, the name is a reflection of our commitment to ethical innovation. Just as our name defies convention, so does our approach to marketing. We're here to redefine what it means to be a marketing agency in the digital age.

We look to the future with optimism and inspiration. At Immoral, we aim to influence the marketing industry to create a positive impact on society. We want to be a reference agency made up of a happy and committed team, which manages to transmit confidence to our clients so that we can continue to exceed their expectations.

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