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Mun Kombucha

Mun Kombucha fuses health, flavor and sustainability in its drinks. Committed to quality and innovation, it reflects a conscious and healthy lifestyle. Their products, created with natural ingredients and artisanal methods, delight and provide probiotic and nutritional benefits.
The challenge

In a world where health and well-being are becoming increasingly important, Mun Kombucha sought to expand its impact in the Spanish healthy drinks market. Its ambition was clear: to significantly increase its presence and sales in ecommerce, adapting to the dynamics of a constantly evolving digital market.

The solution

Our strategy focused on a series of integrated initiatives ranging from advertising campaigns to website improvements.

We start by designing and launching advertising campaigns on key platforms such as Meta, Google Shopping, Search, Display and YouTube. Each of these campaigns was carefully crafted to resonate with Mun Kombucha's audience, highlighting the values ​​and quality of its products.

At the same time, we focus on optimizing the user experience on your website. Improvements to the interface and navigability not only made the browsing and purchasing process easier for users, but also reflected the modern and healthy essence of the Mun Kombucha brand.

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This they say about us
Jordi Dalmau CEO

We discovered Immoral thanks to a recommendation. What really impressed us was their focus on our growth potential rather than their fees.
They have a specialized and well-coordinated team, offering an exceptional and results-oriented service, fully aligned with our objectives. It is an experience that I would definitely recommend.