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cool bottles

Cool Bottles is not simply a reusable bottle company; is a brand that combines elegance and sophistication with cutting-edge innovation, focusing on offering an exceptional experience. Its mission transcends the product: it is a call to a more sustainable and conscious world.
The challenge

The digital market is saturated with proposals and solutions for sustainable living. The challenge was to highlight CoolBottles' uniqueness in such a competitive space, increasing its digital presence and converting visits into tangible sales in its online store.

The solution

To bring Cool Bottles closer to its target audience, we designed a Full Funnel strategy for its star products. In the TOFU stage, we established first contact with strategic audiences on the Meta platform, offering a genuine and educational presentation about the brand.

With a harmonious transition to MOFU, we focused on stakeholders who showed prior interest. Through campaigns on Google Search, Shopping and Performance Max, we highlight the quality and uniqueness of Cool Bottles products.

At BOFU, we addressed those who already knew the brand, but had not yet decided. With a minimalist and emotive tone, we underline the advantages of Cool Bottles over other options on the market, highlighting the superior experience they offer.

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This they say about us
Danny Ortiz CoFounder & CEO @ The Cool Bottles

We are really satisfied with the team's work. Despite the initial challenges, everything is now starting to fall into place perfectly. Collaboration is becoming increasingly creative, demanding and professional. We especially value the dedication and knowledge of the team; They have demonstrated exceptional control and understanding of our account, responding immediately to our needs and providing significant value. We firmly believe that, with your support, we are on the right path to making our online business profitable and sustainable.