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Gabriel for Sach

Gabriel for Sach is a company based in Barcelona, ​​specialized in making high-end designer bags. Its legacy is based on unmatched quality and a constant commitment to innovation in design.
The challenge

Despite being a recognized name in its local market, Gabriel for Sach had the ambition to cross borders and establish itself in international markets. The challenge was clear: gain global visibility, take on international fashion giants and solidify its digital presence.

The solution

We started in early 2021 with a full funnel strategy, meticulously designed to position Gabriel for Sach on the radar of key audiences in regions such as Europe, the US and South Korea. This initiative not only focused on generating visibility, but, through brand-specific search campaigns, we counteracted competitors and captured the attention derived from our awareness campaign.

With the relationship already established, we employ remarketing tactics to cultivate and strengthen the connection with these potential customers, expanding Customer Lifetime Value (LTV). Furthermore, after an in-depth examination of the Gabriel for Sach web experience, we propose refinements to improve the conversion rate, ensuring a seamless user experience and an intuitive purchasing process.

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This they say about us
Mariona Mora

I'm really happy with the team! They are exceptional, always available, proactive and committed to boosting our sales. I feel like they are deeply involved in the project, striving daily to improve everything. We have scaled significantly in digital marketing, and our advertising generates impact. Despite the challenges in the sector, I greatly value your work and involvement, and I am confident that our digital presence will continue to grow thanks to your actions. It is a great luck to have them!