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Oxperta Capital

Oxperta Capital is a consolidated company in the financial field, which offers specialized solutions to both individuals and companies. With a focus focused on Mortgages, Debt Reunification and Personal Loans, they strive to provide economic responses tailored to the needs of their clients.
The challenge

The main challenge with Oxperta Capital was twofold: increasing its potential client base in key areas and guaranteeing the highest quality of each of those leads, seeking a perfect balance between cost and value.

The solution

In mid-2021, our first intervention was a market study, identifying precise segments to maximize effectiveness. With this information, we deploy a two-pronged strategy: we use the Facebook and Instagram platforms to capture leads and simultaneously boost online searches with Google Ads. This duality guaranteed maximum exposure and connectivity with potential clients at crucial moments in their decision process.

The second step was the implementation of Zapier, which allowed each lead generated to be instantly channeled to Oxperta's sales advisors. This immediacy was vital for optimizing response time. To reinforce and maintain the interest of these leads, an email marketing strategy was introduced, keeping potential clients informed and connected, thus facilitating the conversion process.

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This they say about us
William Marcos Marketing Director

We are grateful to have a partner like ADMK (now Immoral).
We started in May 2021 and we found a super professional team, with people with a great capacity for adaptation and attention that generated a lot of confidence to increase investments, because results were beginning to be obtained.
I think that with ADMK, there was a before and after in Opción Capital and it makes you a partner that, hopefully, will accompany us for many more years and evolve together with us.